Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak Review

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak









  • Perfect for fishing
  • Easy to track
  • Comfortable and secure


  • Single person kayak
  • Belongings on the inside get wet
  • Slightly expensive

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak

When it comes to fishing kayaks, very rarely do you get good quality kayaks or well-priced ones. There is always that tradeoff. Lucky for you here we have a solid product that will give you good quality at under $500. For other top fishing kayaks under $500, click here. For our Pelican Mustang 100x kayak review, we have done extensive testing and research and found that this is one of the best reasonable priced kayaks available today.

About Pelican

Pelican is a well-known name in the kayaking industry. With over 50 years of experience, they have continued to make high-quality products at affordable prices. They manufacture world-class kayaks, canoes, paddleboats and, fishing boats and are well trusted when it comes to durability and quality.

Design Review for the Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak

The Pelican Mustang 100x is a fishing kayak that is 10 feet long, which is spacious enough for almost every paddler who chooses to take it for a ride. The cockpit measures 47 inches long and 25 inches wide. Interestingly enough, the Pelican Mustang 100x kayak weighs 39 pounds, making it one of the relatively lighter kayaks in the market. The hull is made from a unique, high-quality, and multi-layered material called RAM-X (crosslinked polyethylene) that is exclusive to the Pelican brand. This material is meant to offer high-impact resistance so that the kayak can maintain its shape even after crashing violently. The exterior for the Pelican Mustang 100x has a UV-protected finishing to keep your kayak safe from the sun. 

The Pelican Mustang 100x is not a traditional piece of watercraft as it seems to have been carefully tailored, keeping in mind the modern kayakers. It includes a smartphone holder, adjustable footrests and kneepads, ergonomic carrying handles, and the premium ERGOFORM seating system. Are you planning on fishing? Worry not because this kayak has two flush mount rod holders, a removable storage compartment in front, and a tank at the back. The Pelican Mustang 100x is an exclusive, high-quality, and comfortable sit-in fishing kayak with a market competitive pricing point. You will find it is ideal for adventurous kayaking trips in the future!

Here is an excellent video review of the Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak.



Pros Cons
 Perfect for fishing (two fishing rod holders and detachable storage space for the catch)  Single person kayak, which may make it less than ideal for multiple users
 Spacious and Secure  Belongings can get wet inside the cockpit
 Easy to track and balance  Slightly expensive
 Comfortable for the modern kayaker (bottle-holder, phone storage, and premium seats)
 Lightweight and portable
 Decent value for money
 Available in a variety of colors

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak feature review

The Pelican Mustang 100x is a versatile, sleek, and lightweight kayak that most kayakers will enjoy using. Pelican has put in the effort to make sure that the Mustang 100x looks and feels premium to paddlers by paying close attention to details. 

Here are some aspects that set apart the Pelican Mustang 100x from other kayaks in the market:

Ideal for Fishing Purposes

The Pelican Mustang 100x is perfect if you plan to use it for fishing. The cockpit holds two fishing rod holders that are built behind it. Meanwhile, the front of the kayak has a robust compartment, and the back has a sturdy tank. If you do not want to use the storage compartment, you will be pleased to find out that it is removable. Carefully detach the rear storage compartment if you do not plan to go fishing. There is also enough room on board for you to bring along an ice chest to store the fish that you have caught. However, whether you decide to fish or not, you will still find that there is plenty of space on the kayak. Just be careful not to get the tank wet when you are reeling in your catch! It is recommended that you carry dry bags along with you during fishing sprees.

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak

Adjustable Footrests

One of the most convenient mechanisms that Pelican has introduced in its Mustang 100x is the inclusion of adjustable footrests. Your size no longer dictates whether you find this particular kayak comfortable or not. The footrests can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of riders. You can set the footrests to be higher or lower, according to your comfort level. Additionally, family and friends can share the kayak without having to worry about feeling claustrophobic on the Mustang 100x. Almost every rider, regardless of size, will find this kayak suitable for paddling.

Generously sized, spacious, and secure

One of the most common feedbacks for the Pelican Mustang 100x included praises about how much space there is inside while kayaking. Kayaks, which are ‘sit-in’ as opposed to ‘sit-on-top’ may cause riders to feel claustrophobic at times, but not this one! Pelican pleasantly surprises kayakers with its 47 x 25 x 14-inch dimensions on the Mustang 100x, along with a cockpit that feels both roomy and snug enough at the same time. The ERGOFORM seating system is made from a multi-task fabric and has been specially designed to provide you with padding and cushioning during your water rafting adventures. 

Upgrades for maximum comfort

Pelican goes the extra mile to pay attention to minor details and upgrades when it comes to the Pelican Mustang 100x kayak. For example, it is one of the first few fishing kayaks of its kind to introduce a bottle holder to make sure kayakers do not get thirsty during long travels. It also has adjustable knee pads that help you feel cozy and comfortable sitting inside the Pelican Mustang 100x. You will not have to buy additional knee pads because Pelican already tries to save you the trouble of doing that. Finally, there is also a storage hatch that comes with a bungee cord. This cord can help you secure a flexible grab anytime, whether it is stem to stern, interior, or exterior. While these upgrades are simple, they come together to make the kayaking experience with the Pelican Mustang 100x even more relaxing than before.

Balance, Stability, and Speed

One of the Pelican Mustang 100x design details that capture its exceptional craftsmanship is the twin-arched multi-chine hull. This hull gives you maximum stability, speed, and tracking when you take this kayak out for a ride. It is also built for resistance and is extremely durable when it glides across rocks or boulders. You will not see so much as a scratch on the Pelican Mustang 100x even after it grazes past boulders in the water several times in a row. The Mustang 100x is also engineered such that it is easy to maneuver and has the appropriate track settings to ensure safety during dangerous situations.

Lightweight and Portable

The Pelican Mustang 100x weighs only 39 pounds, making it one of the lightest kayaks in the consumer kayak industry. In fact, almost all Pelican products are known for being lighter than their competitors on the market. You will find that it is easy to carry the Mustang 100x into your car or any other vehicle, making it highly portable and convenient to transport. Additionally, you can also take a lot of load inside your Pelican Mustang 100x while kayaking without it getting too heavy because the watercraft itself weighs very little. Finally, being lightweight helps the Pelican Mustang 100x come up to speed rather quickly than other kayaks.

Value for money & Affordable price point

For the wide range of features that the Pelican Mustang 100x offers, it is an absolute steal! Pelican has very strategically chosen the price point of $350 for this particular kayak. Far from being cheap, the Mustang 100x is not expensive either. Other kayaks available on the market are at least $100 more expensive than the Mustang 100x and do not even offer the features that come with this kayak. If you’re looking for a premium Pelican experience that is lighter on the pocket, then you might find the Trailblazer (also by Pelican) to be more suitable for you. However, the upgrades on the Mustang 100x justify the price point, and you will get the most bang for your buck when you purchase this kayak. 

The Pelican Mustang 100x comes with a limited lifetime warranty covering damages done to your kayak at any point in time. The company also has exceptional customer service when it comes to inquiring about issues faced by consumers. These perks, coupled with the features that the Mustang 100x brings with it, make the price point fantastic value for money.

Is there any area where the Pelican Mustang 100x falls short?

As versatile as it is, the Pelican Mustang 100x is far from perfect and has shortcomings of its own! One of the most common complaints about this watercraft mentioned how it is a one-person kayak which limits its use to a single individual. Most kayaks have enough space for at least two people to sit inside comfortably along with their belongings and travel items. However, making such a change to the Mustang 100x would make it heavier to support having enough room for another person. 

Moreover, the seating arrangement inside is not waterproof. Your items can get wet from inside if water splashes across your kayak as you navigate across fast-flowing streams or narrow water bodies. This concern should not be a reason to worry for intermediate and professional kayakers, as they will maintain firm control of the Mustang 100x even in complicated situations. However, the average novice will have to be careful and bring along dry bags on board to make sure belongings are waterproof.


To conclude if you are a lone kayaker, the Pelican Mustang is a great fishing kayak. It is spacious and comfortable for your long fishing trips, it tracks well and works very well with fishing equipment, and is very stable and secure. All of this at $350 is a pretty good deal. Especially if you are a beginner and you don’t want to spend your savings on your first kayak.

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