How to Get a Fishing License in US?

Almost all states require you to have some type of fishing license in public waters; these licenses may seem a trivial nuisance, but they actually serve a number of important purposes. They primarily help inform and bolster conservation efforts and prevent over-fishing, and a majority of the revenue generated by these licenses goes towards the […]

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Best Place to Buy a Kayak

By Michael Holding Kayaking is a good way of staying in shape or just having a pleasant day in water on the weekends. Kayaks however are a sizeable investment and this hobby can get quite expensive if you haven’t prepared yourself for the expenses it incurs. Buying a kayak is perhaps the most important investment […]

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Getaway Adventures

What do your typical weekdays comprise of? Hunched over your office desk, finding the best way to solving a new work challenge. Staying up late each day, making sure that your project is finished before the deadline. Carefully avoiding yourself from being part in office gossip. All of this can collectively contribute to some form […]

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