Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Review 2021

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13









  • Perfect for beginners
  • Plenty of storage
  • Stability


  • Lower speed than competitors
  • Lacks comfort
  • Few premium features

The Ocean Kayak Prowler is a popular model among anglers. Its ability to handle flat and sheltered water with ease has made it a favorite as stability is everything when it comes to angling. Being a 13-foot kayak the stability is to be expected, so let’s take a look at what makes this such a popular kayak.

ocean kayak prowler 13

We have reviewed the features of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler to find out how it compares to the alternatives available in the market. We will also be providing you with a list of its pros and cons so you can figure out yourself if this is the right kayak that fulfills your needs or not.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Features

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  • Comfort Plus seatback
  • Molded-in seat well
  • Large bow hatch
  • 6″ Cam Lock Hatch with storage bucket
  • Oversized tank well with bungee
  • Deck bungee
  • Side-mounted carrying handles
  • Skid Plate
  • Paddle keepers
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • Two flush-mounted rod holders
  • Transducer compatible scupper


  • Length: 13′ 4″ 
  • Width: 28″ 
  • Seat width: 17″ 
  • Weight: 56 lbs 
  • Leg length: 52″ 
  • Bow hatch: 16.5″ x 10″
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Best Features of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

ocean kayak prowler 13



Lightweight Polyethylene Material

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is manufactured with a single layer of lightweight polyethylene material which comes in a range of color options such as brown camo, lime camo, and blue camo. Polyethene is an excellent material to build kayaks because of its strength and resistance to wear and tear. In case of any scratches, it can easily be repaired with a negligible effect on the kayak’s appearance or performance. It is the best for recreational kayaks as it is the least expensive and heaviest material available.

Comfort Plus Padded Seating

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is a Sit-on-top kayak with a single seat. This seat is molded-in well, and also has a padding of a nylon seat called the Comfort Plus. This seat is purpose-built to ensure that riders are secure and can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride even in rough waters. The comfort level is ensured with the help of extra padding on the bottom and was designed to keep the rider secure and comfortable in rough waters. This means you can enjoy rides in deep waters, and for long hours without getting tired and sore. The seat is also practically well-designed. It is at a higher position which improves visibility as you can get a better view of your surroundings. The seat can also be adjusted to four different levels based on your height and leg space needed. Furthermore, storage areas are also within easy reach while you remain seated, which is a huge plus point. 

V-Shaped Hull

The Ocean Kayak is a narrow kayak, which makes it less stable, but its narrow hull increases its efficiency. It is easier to maneuver through the waters and make narrow turns. The design allows the kayak to glide through all types of water. This improved capability to cut through the waters also helps improve tracking. Kayaks with narrow hulls can reach high speed.

Versatile Storage Options

The wide range of storage options in the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is one of its notable features. You can store your gear in the large storage hatch at the bow. The Click Seal Lock on it is a watertight seal that keeps the contents dry.

There is another storage area in the cockpit in front of the seat. It is a 6-inch hatch that has a storage bucket, which can keep your small valuables safe such as mobile phones and keys. It also a great place to store your lines so that they remain handy while fishing.

The backside of the seat also has a cargo area near the tank well, with bungee cords that can be used to secure larger items. This includes coolers and tackle boxes. The kayak also comes with a cup holder than is molded in, and two flush-mounted rod holders that allow you to sit back and relax while the lure does your work for you. There are also paddle holders on either side of the kayak which ensures that you can keep your paddles out of the way safely without having to worry about them floating away while you’re fishing. 

Finally, if you plan on attaching extra gear and equipment, there is a bungee rig that runs along the deck of the kayak.

Fishing Gear Mounting

There is a special port built for fish finder rigs in the kayak. There are small GPS- enabled devices that can help identify the best fishing areas. With the help of sonar technologies, they search waters for high concentrations of fish. This helps us locate spots where you can get the best catches. Fishfinders help you rule out waters that don’t have active fish or bait. More advanced fishfinders can also help locate the depth of the fish, and keep track of your speed and navigation.

Adjustable Footing

You don’t need to worry about comfort if you’re in the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13. Now that’s a big plus point because comfort is one of the key features to keep in mind while kayak shopping. This is because when you spend long hours in the water, it can cause a considerable strain. The kayak has molded-in footwells instead of footpegs, which allows riders of all heights and sizes to be accommodated.

Oversized Tank Well

The Ocean Prowler 13 Kayak has another storage area used to store the fisherman’s daily catch, the tank well. The tank well is located behind the seat, which makes it easy and convenient to transfer fish from the line to the tank. Its large capacity allows you to ride in the waters for long hours, without worrying about running out of space. Furthermore, the tank well also has crossing bungee cords that can store equipment such as coolers or tackle boxes. 

Skid Plate

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is pre-installed with skid plates. This is to protect the hull because kayaks may be built for durability, but they are still susceptible to wear and tear. It is especially during the transportation of kayaks when they are scratched and dented from being dragged on rough surfaces. These skid plates are small pieces attached to the hull of the kayak. It acts as a buffer that protects the kayak from anything that may damage it. The best part is that they are easily replaceable so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged, as they can ensure that your kayak maintains its peak performance. 

Pros of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

man in ocean kayak prowler13

Perfect  for Beginners

You have to be very careful about certain features if you’re picking out a beginner kayak. And the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 has all the right ones. It is lightweight, stable, and has plenty of storage space to store your equipment. This makes it easy to carry and transport, and it safe so you don’t need to worry about it toppling over. Since it is easier to track, you don’t need to worry about losing control. It makes a good fishing kayak because the storage area is ideal for you to store your fishing gear. It is also a recreational kayak that is perfect to take out on hunting trips. 

Suitable for All Waters

While certain kayaks are designed for calm waters, and others for rough waters, the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 lets you go out on a lake, or paddle through the rock-heavy stream. You don’t need to worry about the kayak flipping over in the waters. The V-shaped hull can easily cut through rough waters which improves tracking. 

Tracks Well

Good tracking is an essential feature of kayaks that ensures that the kayaks maintain their course and craft remains straight while you’re reeling in catches during fishing. The kayak’s hull is designed in a way that ensures excellent tracking while not sacrificing your maneuverability. In case you want to further improve tracking, you can simply attach a rudder to the stern. 

Excellent Stability

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 may be narrower than several fishing kayaks, but it promises the superior stability of the larger models. Stability is a key feature especially in rocky waters because it ensures that your craft remains upright. So it prevents paddlers from capsizing during trips. As a recreational kayak, this is important for paddling. 

Plenty of Storage

Having the right about of storage space in a kayak is a must if you plan on fishing or riding for long hours. After all, who wants to go back to the shore to pick up equipment that you didn’t have space to carry with you. With its multiple storage options, the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is the answer to all your storage problems. The variety of hatches in the cockpit, behind the seat, and also the large tank well keeps your gear safe and dry. The paddle holders, as well as two-rod holders and bungee attachment, means you don’t need to worry about space while packing. With the deck storage, you know you’re covered for a full day of fishing. 


While the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is made of polyethylene which is a heavy material, the kayak itself is lightweight and weighs only 54 pounds. Being one of the lightest models in the market, it is a good pick. This allows it to be transported easily and you can also drag it along the shore. When you’re planning a sunny day with your kayak, no one wants to worry about the hassle and that is why the Prowler 13 is the best option for you. 


What’s the point of buying a recreational kayak that isn’t comfortable. The rider has to spend long hours and you don’t want to feel sore. You should be able to relax and sit in your favorite posture. The Prowler 13 has been designed to keep comfort as a priority. The Comfort Plus Seat and molded footwells both ensure a high comfort level in the kayak. The seat can easily be adjusted four ways by the rider regardless of his height and size, and that flexibility makes it a great choice for everyone. The durable nylon fabric of the seat is resistant to UV light and also comes with brass clips for easy attachment and detachment. 

Cons of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

Lower Speed than Competition

Speed is an essential feature while picking kayaks, and unfortunately, the Prowler 13 does not take this one home. It is slower than its competitor V-shaped models on the market. In general, longer kayaks are faster than shorter ones but despite being 13 feet long, the Ocean Prowler 13 fails to reach impressive top speeds. However, this is not necessarily a reason for you to not pick this kayak because what it lacks in speed, it makes up for instability which is a huge plus point for fishermen and beginners. 

Not Comfortable for Long Trips

The Comfort Plus seat may offer great back support with its padding, but there is a lack of padding in the lower portion which makes the seat uncomfortable for long trips. This could mean that long rides could leave your body sore and exhausted. If you plan on taking the kayak out for a full day, you might want to consider taking extra cushioning for the seat. 

Takes on Water

The majority of the complaints regarding the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 are regarding the water being taken on during use. Despite the scupper holes and water drains, the complaint is present. A lot of customers have reviewed pools of water being formed, especially in the molded-in foot-wells. This is something that riders should be prepared for if they want to remain completely dry throughout the rides. However, a few water splashes on a hot summer day are never a bad idea. 

Few Premium Features

If you’re someone who loves accessories, you’ll be disappointed with what the Prowler 13 has to offer. There is very little that comes along with the kayak, which means that you have to spend a lot to buy these things yourself such as paddles, rudders, and scupper plugs. This can be very frustrating for beginners. It basically means that the price being offered is for the kayak itself, nothing else included. 

Competition of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler

ocean kayak prowler 13

This kayak is an ideal pick for inland and inshore angling. It is easy to paddle which makes it a good grab for beginners. This kayak is priced slightly higher than the Prowler 13 but also promises speed and maneuverability on versatile waters, including the ocean. It is 2 inches long and slightly wider, which might raise eyebrows for those who are short on space, but it has an ergonomic seat that offers adjustable foot support. Other than that it can store all your fishing gear with its multiple storage options, and also sports a Sonar Shield to keep our fish finder secure/

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler

This kayak lies in the same price range as the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13. It is a 13-foot sit-on-top kayak like the Prowler but a lot heavier at 75 pounds. Stability is a key feature of the vessel and makes it suitable for both calm and rough waters. It has several accessories that give it the upper hand as compared to the Prowler 13. This includes gear tracks, preinstalled rudders, and places to mount your equipment and accessories. It has ample storage space for a fisherman’s full day out on the waters. However, the angler kayak is a bit wider which makes transportation a challenge. The bottom line is, whether you’re an avid fisherman, or looking for a recreational kayak, the Vibe Sea Ghost should definitely be on your list.  

Perception Pescador Pro 12

pescador pro 12 kayak

This is another sit-on-top kayak with the same price as the Prowler 13. However, it is slightly shorter and heavier in comparison. It is also designed for calm waters, which means you can’t take it out on just any kind of water. However, it does come with several storage options for equipment, as well as accessories like gear tracks and rod holders, etc. With an adjustable mesh seat and footrests, it promises comfort. The large open cockpit also makes it suitable for long rides during the day. In short, the kayak has all the features and performance that serious anglers demand. 

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Pricing

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is priced at $949.99 on the Ocean Kayak online store. Shipping charges are $100 per boat to your shipping address or $50 if it is shipped to an Ocean Kayak partner store. This may be considered a pretty reasonable price overall, considering that the Comfort Plus Seat and skid plates are preinstalled. However, if you think this is the final price for you to start your kayaking trips, you may be in for a disappointment. With very few premium features, be prepared to open that wallet again to buy some accessories for the boat. 

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Customer Reviews

men in kayaks

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is definitely a customer favorite with a 4.2/5 rating on Amazon.com and a 4.4/5 rating on Paddling.com. One thing anglers particularly love is the convenience of fishing in the versatility of waters such as inland lakes and streams. Furthermore, there is plenty of storage and rod holders for their tackle and gear, as well as ample deck space for electronics. One feature that is particularly appreciated is the foot-controlled rudder for maneuvering in current or wind because their hands are free to cast and retrieve. Some customers talked about the safety aspect this kayak offers in comparison with all their old kayaks especially for those taking it out on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Because despite the tight turns and surprises, just sitting up straight was all you had to do to remain on top and not be swept into the woodpile. A few customers complained about low speeds, because after a certain point the amount of power being put in did not generate satisfactory increments in speed. But they generally loved the stability and tracking, and how the kayak handled the waves, so for most of them, it still was a really good option. Surprisingly, there were several complaints regarding the comfort level of the seat which did not provide much back support,  and water pools being formed especially in the footwells, even if you have scupper holes.

Final Words on the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

If you’re an angler who needs a lot of space for their fishing gear and a full-day fishing trip, you should seriously consider buying the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13. And if you’re a beginner, who needs a kayak with good stability, easy maneuverability, and easy paddling, this might just be the best pick for you. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Amazon.com and treat yourself to a brand new kayak!

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