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Best Pedal Kayaks – Review 2021

Pedal kayaks are vessels that have been designed to be used with pedals instead of a paddle. So essentially, you’re using your feet and legs instead of your hands and arms. These kayaks either have fins or a propeller underneath the hull and foot pedals on the deck, so you can pedal along using your […]

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Best Touring Kayak Review 2021

Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a soulful explorer, if you want to explore nature at the intersection of the land and waters then Kayaking is your go-to option. It is becoming one of the most preferred nature-oriented activities amongst the millennials. And with the range of functionalities it offers, it deserves to be […]

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Best Kayak Paddles Review 2021

Being able to find the best kayak paddle to accompany your kayak can be tricky! After all, not all kayak paddles are created equal. The art of choosing the perfect kayak paddle for yourself requires acquainting yourself with the different types of kayak paddles that are available on the market.  Features of a Kayak Paddle […]

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The Best Spin-cast Reels Review 2021

Choosing the best spincast reel is important, whether you are a beginner angler or a pro. Initially, closed face reels were used to train beginners, considering how easy they were to use. One major problem, however, was that they were too light- you couldn’t have used them for bigger game fish.  But like everything else, […]

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Top 25 Lakes in the US

Planning a summer vacation or a weekend getaway? Whether you want to relax under the sun with a book in your hand or take your kids along on a family vacation, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of the best 25 lakes in the US with our top picks of lakes in […]

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How Much does a Treadmill Weigh?

Buying the best treadmill to improve your physical fitness and achieve your fitness goals is probably one of the greatest investments in yourself. The most beneficial feature of a treadmill is the ability to workout indoors without having to worry about extreme cold or heat outside. From its invention in 1817, the treadmill has really […]

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