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Best Budget Sleeping Bag 2020

Finding the right sleeping bag doesn’t have to be tough. We have put down some solid buying advice to help you pick the best cheap sleeping bag while making sure you don’t compromise on the warmth or comfort of the bag. Keep reading for our list of best budget backpacking sleeping bags and also for […]

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Best Camping Chairs 2020

For some people, camping is an opportunity to stretch their legs on a hiking trail, go hunting, and get absorbed with nature. For others, it is a way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re more of the latter type, a comfortable camping chair is a must. By comfort not […]

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Best Hiking Sandals

For a long time, sandals were never considered to be something associated with hiking. People wore them for their casual trips to the supermarket because unlike closed shoes, sandals give you an extra level of comfort, especially in the summers. But for things like hiking and trekking, sandals were thought to be too fragile. Lucky […]

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Best Camping Cookware in 2020

There’s something about cooking in the wilderness. It is a very relaxing and fun experience and that’s why many of us love barbecues in the open air in our backyards. Imagine being able to do that on top of your favorite hiking hill, or on the bank of a river someplace. To be able to […]

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The Best Kayak Carts

Kayaking is one of the most popular outdoor activities which allow you to experience nature up close and feel the water and wilderness at the same time. Whether you go on a week-long vacation or set off on a weekend get-away, if kayaking is there on your list, your trip becomes a sure adventure. It […]

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Best Pedal Kayaks – Review 2020

Pedal kayaks are vessels that have been designed to be used with pedals instead of a paddle. So essentially, you’re using your feet and legs instead of your hands and arms. These kayaks either have fins or a propeller underneath the hull and foot pedals on the deck, so you can pedal along using your […]

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Best Touring Kayak Review 2020

Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a soulful explorer, if you want to explore nature at the intersection of the land and waters then Kayaking is your go-to option. It is becoming one of the most preferred nature-oriented activities amongst the millennials. And with the range of functionalities it offers, it deserves to be […]

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