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Is Duct Tape Waterproof?

Is Duct Tape Waterproof? Duct tape is the go-to product for fixing almost anything, however, it is not waterproof mostly. Most duct tapes do absorb moisture for a short period of time but lose their stickiness when wet. As a solution, some companies have started producing waterproof duct tapes. Benefits of Waterproof Duct Tape  Waterproof […]

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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is a popular choice among those looking for a very reasonably priced yet high-quality kayak. ‘Plastic’ kayaks like this one come with their own set of advantages which can be expected from the Aruba 10 as well but we’ll be taking a deeper look into why this popular model has […]

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Best Kayak Covers

Do you know what the worst part of kayaking is? Putting away your beloved kayak until the next season! But while you’re waiting for your next paddling adventure to begin, remember to keep your kayak safely. Why? There are a million reasons! For example, exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays will eventually fade your kayak. […]

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Best Fishing Kayaks 2021

Fishing on a kayak is one of the best ways to relax both your mind and body while engaging in a healthy activity. It can be a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of routine life. The best part is that it isn’t too expensive to get started. Whereas boats can be quite expensive […]

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Best Trolling Motor For Kayaks

With kayak fishing becoming more and more famous, it was about time to execute the idea of using electric motors onto the fishing kayaks. If you want to spend more time fishing and less time paddling, then you should really consider investing time in exploring some of the best trolling motors available and transform your […]

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Best Kayak for Beginners 2021

Buying a kayak for the first time? We’ll help you fit a good fit. With the sheer number of kayaks available all across different categories, it can be hard to get your head around what a good kayak is. Fortunately, there are ways of recognizing the best kayak for beginners. Buying your first kayak should […]

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What is the Best Kayak for Dogs?

Many dogs love going into the water and so may your dog. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dog that doesn’t mind going into the water, you might want to take it kayaking for a fun adventure. The market is filled with kayak models that are suitable to carry dogs, so the next you […]

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