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Best Under Desk Ellipticals 2021

Our computer and mobile screens have become an integral part of our lives. They’ve become a way to kill time, get the news, and work on projects at home or in the office; but what happens when we spend all day sitting with no physical activity at all? Don’t worry, we have got a solution […]

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Best folding exercise bikes in 2021

Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, our lifestyles have shifted immensely. Most of us can not go out to the gyms due to the lockdowns, so in such circumstances, stationary exercise bikes are the way to have fun at-home workout sessions.  Here we have combined a list of the top 5 best folding exercise bikes […]

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Spiderman Pushup And Its Benefits

  Like most of us around the world, you’re riding the coronavirus pandemic at home. Pushups have been an essential part of any home workout routines during the ongoing pandemic. Push-ups do not require any special skills and can are adaptable to any environment you are in. Doing pushups can be a great way to […]

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Best Recumbent Bikes 2021

What are Recumbent Bikes? Recumbent bikes are just like any other bike, but better. Unlike normal bikes that you are used to cycling, recumbent bikes are stationary and have a backrest that allows you to lean your back on support while cycling. Recumbent bikes are very popular among elderly people and people who are recovering […]

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Hanging Leg Raises

Deep down, we all want to roam around with a six-pack body. But in order to attain the perfect body of your dreams, you have to put in the right kind and amount of work, which is easier said than done.  WHY HANGING LEG RAISES?  To get into your desired shape, you need to stimulate […]

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Workout Challenges

If you are anything like me and watching workout videos is a therapeutic task for you, you will enjoy going through these workout challenges and fitness regimes. Not only that but with these challenging yet simple workouts, you can hop on the fit-people bandwagon. All the beginners reading this article, do not be afraid if […]

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Best Quarantine Workouts

The past year had been nothing less than crazy for all of us. Being stuck at home for so long, we tried everything to pass the time, and as much as we like to deny it, eating was everyone’s go-to activity. With minimal physical activity and so much calorie surplus, many of us gained the […]

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Best Elliptical Under 1000 in 2021

With our current lifestyle, it is vital for every individual to keep a check of their physical fitness. However, most of us don’t have the time or money to spend on regular gym workout sessions, in such circumstances home fitness appliances like Elliptical Machines are the way to go, and not all elliptical machines cost […]

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Best Under Desk Treadmill 2021

Are you fed up with your inactive lifestyle which is making you unhealthy?. Do you want to dedicate some time daily to your fitness regime but can’t due to your hectic work schedule? Do you sit for hours per day? Do you deal with lower back pain or stiffness? Chances are your problems are created […]

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