With kayak fishing becoming more and more famous, it was about time to execute the idea of using electric motors onto the fishing kayaks. If you want to spend more time fishing and less time paddling, then you should really consider investing time in exploring some of the best trolling motors available and transform your fishing kayak into a mean fishing machine.

For anglers, who need to cover a lot of distance in the water, a trolling motor is a necessity. Powerful, quiet, and small, these electric motors are becoming increasingly famous among kayakers and sailors. 

Trying to find the best trolling motor might seem very challenging considering there are so many types available in the market. These different types and models are designed to serve different purposes for various water sports. However, finding the perfect trolling motor for your kayak/boat needs some expertise. To help you with that, we have assembled a buying guide for finding the right trolling motor for your kayak and reviews of the best trolling motors available in the market.

Buying Guide: Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks

man in trolling motor kayak

Here is a complete guide to the basic things you should be mindful of when purchasing a trolling motor for your kayak. We have then reviewed our top picks of trolling motors and what unique features each offers specific to different user requirements. We’re certain you’ll be able to pick the right one for yourself from our list!

What is a Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor is a small and quiet electric engine which is used to maneuver without scaring fish. It attaches either to the stern or bow of a kayak or canoe, but more commonly it is attached to the stern (or transom). 

A trolling motor is an equipment that features a motor, a propeller, and controls in a compact self-contained unit. Trolling motors are typically electric and are powered by batteries, but you will also see some gasoline powered motors in the market. These motors are controlled by hand or by foot, however, hand-controlled motors are more common.

Why Do I Need a Trolling Motor?

Although trolling motors are designed for traditional fishing boats, but they offer a number of advantages to a kayaker. 

  • Speed

Most anglers need speed, and they want to reach where they are going as soon as possible. Sometimes they need to cover miles before reaching their destination fishing point. Paddling is not convenient for such die-hard fishermen, as for them getting quickly to the fish is most important. A trolling motor is much faster than paddling. 

  • No Noise

Trolling motors are nearly silent, unlike gas outboards. You can use a trolling motor on a fishing kayak to approach the fish without frightening them away. This way, you will get the most out of your fishing experience. 

Prerequisites before buying a trolling motor

Before you go out and purchase a trolling motor, you need to make sure that your kayak/canoe is ready to have a motor installed. For this, you will need a mount on your motor. You also need to make sure that whatever trolling motor you buy is suitable for your kayak and is not too big or too small. 

Apart from this, there are also some legalities associated with the use of trolling motors. Some states require registration of any boat that is equipped with an engine, and that includes a trolling motor as well. Check with your state law, and make sure to comply with it. 

Trolling motor on kayak

What to Consider When Choosing a Trolling Motor for a Kayak

There are a number of features that you need to consider before choosing a trolling motor for your kayak. We will go over these features in detail here. 


The amount of power you need will depend on the size of your kayak. As the trolling motors are primarily designed for boats that weigh more than 1500 pounds, you certainly do not need to worry about being under-powered in your kayak. 

Know that a bigger motor will not necessarily make you go any faster, but it can help you achieve maximum speed if you are headed into the wind or against the water current. On the other hand, a smaller motor with a higher thrust rating will likely add more weight to your kayak compared to one with a lower thrust rating. 

Typically, the rule for motor power is 2 pounds of thrust per 100 pounds loaded weight. This means that even a mediocre trolling motor will provide more than enough thrust to your kayak. 


While a larger boat designed for fishing will be moved very slowly with a trolling motor, a kayak, on the other hand, will run much faster. For still waters like lakes and ponds, most trolling motors offer 35-45 pounds of thrust which is enough to move smaller kayaks in the 7-foot range at a speed little under 4mph. 

However, most fishing kayaks are not that small in size. In fact, famous brands are mostly designing fishing kayaks of about 10 feet long. To cater to this need, trolling motor manufacturers are coming up with motors that provide 50-60 pounds of thrust or even greater than that. 

So, the anglers who want to move quickly, like those participating in fishing tournaments, can even find trolling motor models that offer 86 lbs. of thrust which will suit their needs best. 


Along with some other important features, you also need to consider a reliable trolling motor mount. Most trolling motors are designed for bow mounting on bass boats, while some others use a sliding hinge to allow them to be quickly raised and lowered in the water. However, for kayaks, these mounting mechanisms won’t work best.

Instead, for a kayak, you will need a transom mounting system that fits the scupper holes behind your cockpit. A transom mounting system is suitable for most kayaks, as it provides a solid bar to mount your new motor.

 Bow mount systems are best for anglers in a bass boat but it does not add any functionality for the kayakers.

trolling motor kayak

Shaft Length

The length of the shaft of your motor is an important feature. Because you will want your motor to be as quiet as possible. If you use a trolling motor with a shaft that’s too short for your kayak, the propellers could create noise from hitting the water surface.

This in return will affect the performance of your motor and the level of thrust it generates. This is because if the propeller is not fully submerged in the water, it will not be able to move as much water as if it was fully under the water. This could limit your speed.

The depth of your boat also impacts the required length of the shaft, as deeper kayaks/boats will need a longer shaft since the mounting point will be further away from the water. Ideally, you should make sure that the top part of your motor is 12 feet deep in the water. 

Control Type

You will find various types of control mechanisms in trolling motors. However, the most common ones are as follows

1. Foot Control

Some trolling motors come with a foot pedal that is used to control your speed in the water. As much as we find this mechanism convenient, unfortunately, this type of control is not feasible in kayaks especially the shorter ones. That’s because these electric motors provide an instant push with a powerful thrust, and even with you in it, this is just way too much energy for you to operate in a kayak. 

Moreover, this type of control is designed for bow-mounted motors, and the cables are not designed to reach from a transom mount to the footpegs on the kayak. 

2. Tiller Handle

While there are some fancy and expensive remote control options available, a tiler handle is the simplest and easiest control system for trolling motors. A tiller handle offers complete control with just the tilt of your wrist. This type of control is suitable for all types of vessels including small kayaks and canoes. 


The weight of your trolling motor is another important feature to consider. Because with the battery, the mount, and the trolling motor, you will need to consider your kayak’s maximum capacity. Apart from this, you will also need to make sure that the stern of your kayak still rises above the water.

Therefore, you will want a trolling motor that is light in weight. You can find these motors in varying weights and some of them are as light as 10 pounds. 

Corrosion Resistance

It is really important that you purchase a trolling motor that’s resistant to corrosion caused by the salt if you intend to use it in saltwater. Otherwise, your motor will wear off quickly. 

Saltwater resistant trolling motors are built with construction material (usually stainless steel) that’s resistant to rigorous corrosive salts. If you are not sure whether you will be using your motor in saltwater or not, we recommend that you still purchase a trolling motor that’s corrosion-resistant because one way or another it will turn out useful. In our opinion, saltwater resistant motors are manufactured with higher standard materials compared to the fresh-water only designs. 

Best Trolling Motor for Kayak Reviews

1. Newport Vessel 55 lbs. Thrust Trolling Motors

Newsport trolling motor

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Pros Cons
Short and adjustable shaft Heavy
Excellent Battery Life
Work well in saltwater 
55 lbs. thrust which is more than enough for most of the boats
Ultra-quiet and efficient
Excellent customer service


  • Shaft length: 30 inches Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 55 lbs. 
  • Peak Power draw: 52 Amps
  • 3-blade Propeller Kit – Large
  • 6-inch telescopic handle
  • 8 speeds – five forward and three reverse
  • 12V Deep Cycle Battery with 52-amp hour rating
  • 2-year warranty

The Newport Vessel Kayak Series is way different than other competitor models like Minna Kota and Motor Guide. This Newport’s vessel comes with an impressive 55 pounds thrust which offers enough power for a 2700-pound boat and more than enough for any kayak. 

One of the main reasons that make Newport Vessel stands out from the rest is its resistance to saltwater. This is quite a rare feature to find in most trolling motors as many of them can’t be used in saltwater. This Newport Vessel Trolling Motor is made up of aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc for enhancing its performance in saltwater.  

It is equipped with a 30-inch adjustable shaft to translate that energy to the shaft which is a good length to consider. The adjustability feature also proves to be quite useful as it is able to fit all the inflatable boats, kayaks, fishing boats, and transom-inflatables. 

Like most of the competitor motors, Newport Vessel is equipped with a 6-inch telescoping handle and eight different speeds, five forward and three reverse, which makes the ride quite smooth. Unlike the older Newport models, this 55 lbs. thrust trolling motor provides sturdy clicks to let you know when you have changed gears or have turned the motor off. This is quite important as well because the motor is so quiet at low speed that there are chances you will leave it on which in return will drain the battery. 

This trolling motor has a composite fiberglass shaft to rely on, and the head and the prop are designed for saltwater. High-quality construction material along with the excellent design is used to make this trolling motor future-proof and long-lasting for years. 

Battery life is also reported to be very good especially at low-speed settings. Most importantly, when people have had any problem with the motor, their customer service proved to be quite outstanding.

2. Minn Kota Endura C2 Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Endura C2 55

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Pros Cons
Excellent Battery Life No twist ability
Work well in saltwater
Easy to maintain    
8 speeds, five forward and three reverse
Lifetime warranty on the shaft
2-year warranty on the motor
6-inch telescopic handle
Quiet and cool


  • Shaft length: 30 inches Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 55 lbs. 
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Peak Power draw: 50 Amps
  • Lever lock bracket
  • 6-inch telescopic tiller
  • Power prop

This is one of the best Trolling Motor for kayaks in 2020. Minn Kota Endura C2 works efficiently in saltwater without degrading the performance of the motor. This Minn Kota model offers a thrust of 55-pounds which gives you enough speed to range over eight gears, five forward and three reverse, for quick and smooth transit during fishing. 

Minn Kota Endura C2 is a package of both design and functionality. It comes equipped with a powerful shaft along with prop and offers comfortability with hand control. This feature makes it work for a longer time and takes less time to fight weeds. 

This trolling motor generates less heat, less noise, and runs cool with commutators, windings, and large brushes. The motor is designed to conserve less power and extend battery life. This Minna Kota Endura C2 motor comes with a composite shaft that is indestructible and is guaranteed for life. It does not break, corrode, or bend on an impact. It’s 55 thrust model features a two prop system which has the capability to take thick stuff without draining the battery.

It is also equipped with a 6 inches ergonomic telescoping handle which allows convenient and comfortable steering. It has flared, swept-back blades that provide reliable performance in the water. 

Another impressive feature is its lever lock bracket which is stronger than the routine brackets and delivers rock-solid mounting. Special construction material is used to resist UV damage, flex, and warping. The bearing system of this Minn Kota motor is also quite innovative that produces fewer RPMs which in return cuts down the fish-spooking noise.

Minn Kota Endura C2 is quite famous among sailors and kayakers. It is praised for its efficient performance in water and affordable price. All in all, this trolling motor is designed to last longer and offers quiet and cool power.

3. Goplus 46 55 and 86 Lb. Thrust Trolling Motors

GoPlus Trollling Motor

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Pros Cons
Works in both saltwater and freshwater Poor throttle quality
Good Battery Life Motor is heavy
Offers customers a choice between different thrust options
Cool and quiet power system
Multi-adjustment angle adjustment aluminum mount
3 propeller blades
10 Point LED light battery indicator


  • Shaft length: 36 inches Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 46 lbs. 55 lbs. and 86 lbs.
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds 22 pounds and 
  • Peak Power draw: ~35 Amps
  • 6-inch telescopic handle
  • Sturdy and Durable

GOPLUS’s electric trolling motor is a welcome addition to the trolling motor industry, offering a choice of 46, 55, and 86 lbs. thrust in an affordable package. Each of these models features a 36 inches long shaft, although each one of them offers different thrust. However, all of these models provide more than enough speed and thrust for a kayak, and for most people in a ‘yak, the additional thrust just means shorter battery life. 

Each model comes equipped with a 6-inch telescoping and adjustable handle which makes you control the motor comfortably and with a lot of ease. It has eight speeds, five forwards and three reverse, so you can quickly speed up and down when needed. 

This GOPLUS trolling motor features a 3-blade propeller and 10-point LED lighted battery indicator that shows how much battery is left for the motor. The prop head is made up of aluminum, while the blades are made up of plastic. The shaft is constructed using fiberglass which is tough and non-corroding. 

Its adjustable shaft handle provides you an easy way to freely change the position of the motor while the depth control can help you ensure that the propeller is at the right so that you can adjust your speed easily. 

All things considered, we can say that GOPLUS provides one of the most easy-to-use motors that is smooth, powerful, and well-controlled. 

4. Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Trolling Motors

Pros Cons
Short adjustable shaft Designed for freshwater
Excellent build quality Its ability to expand makes it a little fragile when the person handles it rough
Good Battery Life
Easy to steer and control
It can expand to suit individual preferences
Lever lock bracket
Lever lock bracket


  • Shaft length: 30 inches Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 20 pounds
  • Weight: 17 lbs. 
  • Peak Power draw: ~50 Amps
  • Telescoping Tiller
  • Power prop
  • Sturdy and Durable

Minn Kota is a brand that believes in the originality of its products. They have designed their Endura C2 30 with thorough research and to make it even more reliable they offer a warranty of 2 years for this product. This trolling motor is a great combination of design and functionality, a complete package that will not disappoint you. 

It provides 30 pounds of thrust which is more than enough for a kayak. The Endura C2 30 delivers the power to its prop through a 30-inch fiberglass shaft. The composite shaft is indestructible and comes with a warranty of a lifetime. It is also flexible on impact and will not corrode or kink. It offers the usual 8 speeds, five forward and three reverse. 

The Endura C2 30 also comes equipped with a 6-inch telescopic handle and a tilt twist which provides you steering and speed control. A simple twist of this tiller revs up the throttle. 

The best feature of this trolling motor is it’s cool and quiet power which is able to dissipate the heat and cool down the motor. Its quiet power maximizes the motor life, prolongs the battery life, and tone down the spooky fish noise. 

Know that the Endura C2 30 is designed for freshwater use. That being said, there are still plenty of people who will take this motor at places where it is not intended. So, if you decide to do the same, make sure that you rinse it with clean water after use and anticipate some corrosion.

5. Haswing W20 20 lb. Trolling Motor

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Pros Cons
Ultra-lightweight Poor construction material
Excellent battery life Some customers experienced warranty-related issue
Short adjustable shaft
Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater
Noiseless operation
Total control over speed and direction


  • Shaft length: 23.6 inches Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 20 pounds
  • Weight: 8 lbs. 
  • Peak Power draw: 12 Volts
  • Telescoping Tiller

Haswing W20 trolling motor is a tough portable device, which is suitable for kayaks, small dinghies, canoes, and other small boats. It offers 20 pounds of thrust which does not offer high speed but is enough for a smooth ride. Moreover, this small electric motor will surely maximize your battery life, hence more time on the water. 

Haswing W20 comes equipped with a durable cast aluminum shaft, weighs only 8 pounds and is the lightest in its class. Given the ultra-lightweight of this trolling motor, if you are already near the max capacity of your ‘yak, you may want to explore this trolling motor. The W20 model also features an LED-based battery level indicator.

Haswing claims that the head and prop of this trolling motor is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. W20 motor is equipped with a forward and reverse switch, and a high and low gear which are available with the twist of your wrist on the tiller handle. This provides you plenty of control over your speed and direction in the water.

Some customers have complained about the poor construction material of this trolling motor, which is a trade-off for its exceptionally lightweight manufacturing.

6. Saturn 55 lb. Short Shaft Trolling Motor

Saturn short shaft trolling motor

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Pros Cons
Lightweight and compact Heavy
Custom-cut short shaft Poor build quality
Made out of composite material for added durability
Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
Ultra-quiet and efficient
Extendable handle


  • Shaft length: 26 inches Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 55 pounds
  • Weight: 17 lbs. 
  • Peak Power draw: ~50 Amps
  • Adjustable Tiller
  • Special Composite Shaft
  • Adjustable Depth Collar
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • 1-year warranty

The Saturn short shaft offers 55 lb. of thrust and is designed to work for kayaks, short dinghies, small boats, inflatables, and canoes. This trolling motor is suitable to be used both in saltwater and freshwater. Just make sure to rinse your motor with fresh and clean water after you have used it in saltwater to extend motor life. 

Saturn short shaft comes equipped with a 26-inch composite shaft, which provides enough length to submerge its propeller without causing any trouble for kayakers. It can be tilted in different positions and up or down 45 degrees, meaning it is really comfortable to use and very easy to store and transport. Just like any other competitors, this trolling motor has eight speeds, five forward and three reverse, which allows plenty of control over your speed. 

Saturn short shaft features an extendable handle, so you do not have to worry about reaching for throttle while it’s mounted on the transom behind you. The handle can extend up to 13.8 inches. The overall motor operation is very cool and quiet 

It only weighs 17 lbs. which is pretty lightweight compared to other similar motors in the market. It also features an LED-based battery level indicator which alerts you to the battery life.

7. Minn Kota Traxxis 55 lb. Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Traxxis Series

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Pros Cons
Easier to mount and dismount Heavy
Tiller handle can move up to 45 degrees Suitable for freshwater only
Good speed adjustment ability Some customers have complained about the coverage in the manufacturer’s warranty
Digital Maximizer Technology for better battery life
Good build quality
Provides option between two separate shaft sizes


  • Shaft length: 36 and 42 inches Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 55 pounds
  • Weight: 29 lbs. 
  • Peak Power draw: ~50 Amps
  • Adjustable Tiller
  • Quick-cam Depth Adjuster
  • Indestructible Composite Shaft
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Power Prop

This trolling motor is from the Traxxis series of Minn Kota and is one of the best transom mount trolling motor for a kayak or canoe. The motor is designed with high-quality features and is available in two separate shaft sizes of 36 and 42 inches. 

This Traxxis motor provides a thrust of 55 pounds and is intended for freshwater only. But, if you still have to take it to salt water, then you should expect some corrosion and reduced service life. 

This trolling motor features a variable throttle that gives you that precise control to avoid problems like leaving the nearly silent motor on and draining the battery. Just like other top-notch trolling motors, its tiller handle also extends, keeping you in control comfortably. 

Minn Kota is a renowned brand and is famous for using high-quality construction material for their products, this Traxxis motor is no different as well. The motor weighs 29 pounds which is comparatively heavier than some other trolling motors. It should be of concern of to you if the stern of your kayak is already riding low in the water. 

Its battery comes with a digital battery level indicator light. The motor is also equipped with Digital Maximizer technology which improves battery life.

8. Watersnake FWDR44-48 Shadow Bow Mount Foot Control Motor

Watersnake bow mount water

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Pros Cons
A perfect combination of features and quality No optional navigation or sonar electronics
Powerful motor with decent thrust Lightweight construction can be a problem for some customers
Foot control mechanism Only suitable for small and lightweight vessels
Bow Mount
Easy installation
Affordable price
Low power consumption


  • Shaft length: 48-inch composite shaft
  • Thrust: 18 pounds
  • Weight: 36.5 pounds 
  • Peak Power draw: 11-44 Amp
  • 3-blade weedless propeller
  • Potted Circuit Board
  • Foot Control with a variable speed control unit
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Watersnake FWDR44-48 Bow-Mount Foot Control Motor allows you to control the direction and speed of your boat with just a touch of your foot. It offers a variable speed foot control unit. 

This bow-mounted trolling motor features a 48-inch composite shift and is designed to be used in freshwater. It comes equipped with 3 stainless steel propeller blades that are strong and has a weedless design. If you are planning to fish in areas where there is underwater grass, this trolling motor can be a good option for you. 

This watersnake shadow motor offers 44 pounds of thrust so its ideal to work for small boats, kayaks, and even canoes. The mounts are light in weight, easy to install, and easy to stow. 

Another impressive feature of this bow mount trolling motor is the placement of a potted circuit board which is fully waterproofed and sealed in the motor casing for extra protection. These Watersnake Shadow motors are strictly designed to withstand the harsh water conditions associated with saltwater fishing.

This watersnake trolling motor offers customers more reliability and power for fewer dollars. The motor is constructed from high-quality construction material and is proven to be dependable and super quiet on the water.

9. Watersnake T18S 24-inch Asp Motor

Pros Cons
Extremely light in weight 2 speed settings
Super low power consumption Lightweight construction might become a problem for some customers
Portable Design flaw with mounting bracket
Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater Doesn’t offer high speed in the water
Easy installation
Sleek design
Affordable price
Extendable handle
1-year warranty


  • Shaft length: 24-inch heavy-duty alloy shaft
  • Thrust: 18 pounds
  • Weight: ~10 pounds 
  • Peak Power draw: 7-15 Amp
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Transom Bracket Mount
  • 2-blade weedless propeller
  • Adjustable Tiller handle
  • Encapsulated Electric circuit and shaft

The Watersnake T18S is super light in weight and is a portable trolling motor. Because for some people, weight is everything in the water sports. This trolling motor is an incredible option for such enthusiasts as it comes under 10 pounds. 

This trolling motor comes equipped with a 24-inch heavy-duty alloy shaft and 2-blade propeller. This will help power kayaks through the water stealthily just like a water snake. The motor offers 18 lbs. of thrust which is not that powerful compared to other similar trolling motors but it is durable and quiet and enough to power a kayak. 

There is a high and low speed control gear, a forward and reverse switch, and an extendable handle for easy steering. This Watersnake trolling motor has an anti-impact clip system in the mount and an optional bracket which is ideal for use on kayak deck mount. 

This 12-V trolling motor is designed to be used in freshwater as well as saltwater. This is because of the protective coating of the motor which preserves it from the corrosive effects of the salt.

10. Cloud Mountain 8 Speed Trolling Motor

Pros Cons
Reinforced nylon bracket  The feel of the handle is not so great
High tensile strength Somewhat wonky mounting mechanism
Corrosion-resistant adjustable fiberglass shaft The power reader looks very dated
Offers 7 different thrust settings to choose from 36, 40, 46, 50, 55, 60, and 86 pounds
A dependable and affordable product
Stainless steel hardware
1-10 point battery indicator
Ergonomic extendable handle


  • Shaft length: 28-inch composite fiberglass shaft
  • Thrust: 36 – 86 pounds (7 different options)
  • Weight: 16.1 – 22.3 pounds 
  • Peak Power draw: 29.5 – 48.5 Amp (Different for different thrust options)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 10 point LED Battery indicator
  • 8 speeds
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater

Cloud Mountain introduced some remarkable trolling motors that come in a number of different thrust options form 36 all the way to 86. If you are looking for some extra power from your motor, then this Cloud Mountain trolling motor is a great option.

The motor features a reinforced nylon bracket, which guarantees elevated durability, resistance, and stability. This versatile trolling motor has a 28-inch composite shaft made up of fiberglass. The shaft allows correct placement in various water conditions and a high-powered resistance to decomposition. This shaft can be positioned from a seated position as well. 

Moreover, this trolling motor has all stainless steel hardware, so it works equally well in both saltwater and freshwater conditions. The motor also features a 10-point LED battery level indicator that allows you to keep an eye on your battery life during your ride on the water. But know that the battery itself is not included in this trolling motor package so you will have to buy a battery separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast will a Kayak go with a Trolling Motor?

Typically, most kayaks will go as fast as 5mph with a good trolling motor. Higher thrust trolling motors are designed for bigger boats with larger payloads. However, the trolling motors that are designed for kayaks will cover 3-4 mph on average. 

Do I need to register my boat if I use a Trolling Motor?

In most states, yes. Once you have installed a trolling motor on your kayak or boat, you will either need to register it or get a license. 

Is it easy to add a trolling motor on your kayak? How is it done?

Yes, it is easy to install a trolling motor on your kayak. But for this, you will need a mount to attach your motor which either comes with your motor or you have to buy it separately. Know that, some vessels already comes with a motor mount. 

How long do the trolling motor batteries last?

This usually depends on how much power you consume on average to move across the water. If you have a light-weight which does not consume much battery power, your batteries will last for a long time between 5-6 hours or even more. 

But if you have a heavy motor that consumes a lot of power, your battery power may run out only in 2 hours. 

What lb. thrust trolling motor do I need?

To know how many pounds of thrust you will need for your kayak, it is important to know the loaded weight of your boat. A general rule is 2 pounds of thrust per 100 loaded pounds. For example, if you have a 2000 pound fully loaded boat, then you will need a thrust of (2000/100) * 2 = 40 pounds of thrust.


After reading this blog post, we hope that you have a better idea of how to find a good trolling motor for you kayak which best fits your need. 

You will need to consider a lot of factors before choosing a trolling motor for your kayak. For example, you will need to consider where you are intending to use this motor, how much thrust you will be needing for your kayak, what type of control you will like, and most importantly how much do you want to invest in a trolling motor. It is possible that you may not find the best of everything in one single product as the idea of trolling motors to be used on kayaks is still new and evolving. But all the above mentioned trolling motors are good enough to make your experience in water more joyful.

Also, remember that you may need to consider registration of your vessel or a license for it as per the law in your state once you have installed a trolling motor on your kayak. 

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