Best Recumbent Bikes 2021

What are Recumbent Bikes?

Recumbent bikes are just like any other bike, but better. Recumbent bikes are stationary and have a backrest that provides your back support while cycling. Recumbent bikes are very popular among elderly people and people who are recovering from spinal or back injuries. Lately, due to the lockdowns in different parts of the world, recumbent bikes have become essential for people who are eager to work out at home. 

Why Choose Recumbent Bikes?

Recumbent bikes are excellent for everyone’s posture. Normal bikes usually end up giving their riders poor posture and a hunched back. The back support in recumbent bikes ensures that your spinal posture is correct while also improving your strength. Recumbent bikes also put less strain on your thigh and calve muscles, preventing any serious injuries. Recumbent bikes are also ideal for people who have arthritis because of minimal pressure on joints. Since these bikes are stationary, they are an outstanding home-gym component for people who wish to exercise from home.

Picking the Right Recumbent Bike 

Your choice of recumbent bike influences your entire workout experience. Everyone has different needs, so a bike that ticks all the boxes for you is perfect. But there is no ‘one fits all’ bike out there. Before making your purchase check for a clear and easy-to-read display of the measurements, adjustable seating, heart monitoring, its dimensions, and seating ventilation. 

Below are our top 11 picks of 2021:

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn is a popular name in the biking world. This model has all the features one needs when exercising at home. It has a ventilated seat that has contoured padding, helping you stay in a good posture while cooling you down. It has an excellent weight capacity of 300 lbs. with adjustable seats that slide front and back. The best thing is that Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is not just for one person, but for the family. It stores data for up to four people, making it just perfect for at-home workouts. 

Average Price: $770

2. NordicTrack C VR25 Recumbent Bike

NordicTrack is one of the best buys amongst fitness enthusiasts. It comes with one-year iFit membership which features numerous workout routines which are perfect for people who like to follow a step-to-step workout guide. It also has two quality speakers with an auxiliary port for music. The bike also includes an EKG Grip Pulse heart rate monitoring system with a chest strap. The bike is made for commercial use, but it is also a very good option for at-home gyms. It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. and has an adjustable seat and handles.  

Average Price: $1500

3. Marcy Recumbent Bike 

This bike is for people who are on a budget but also want to get good quality for the money they are paying. The Marcy recumbent bike is heavy-duty with a clear and shard LCD display. It also has a comfortable padded and adjustable seat with handlebars. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. and has 8 resistance levels. 

Average Price: $280

4. ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Bike

ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Bike

This bike is excellent for people living in small apartments. The ProForm recumbent bike is only 40 inches long and 21 inches wide. Even with such a small size, the bike has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. The bike comes with 18 resistance levels and a big clear LCD screen for you to keep track of your time, the calories you are burning, and much more. The sensors on the handgrip also help you track your heart rate. The bike also comes with an audio system so you can listen to your workout playlist while burning those calories. However, if you are tall and have slightly bigger feet, this bike might not be the best fit for you. 

Average Price: $446

5. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

This bike is ideal for the elderly and seniors who wish to stay fit and on top of their game. Stamina Elite has an angled backrest which makes it even more comfortable. The bike had hand paddles that help you with upper and lower body mobility and flexibility. The bike also has 8 resistance levels which are easy to set. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. and has an electronic display that helps you track all your stats, from distance traveled to heart rate. 

Average Price: $799

6. XTERRA Fitness SB2.5 Recumbent Bike

XTERRA Fitness SB2.5 Recumbent Bike

XTERRA Fitness SB2.5 is perfect for people who are looking for maximum adjustability. The bike comes with 24 workout programs and accommodates people of all heights and shape with its various seat and backrest sliding options. This bike is the definition of body positivity. Not just that, the bike will even work on uneven grounds because of its level adjuster. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. with an LCD display that shows all the stats. 

Average Price: $380

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

If you are looking for a bike with the best weight capacity, then this is the one. Sunny Health Recumbent Bike has a heavy-duty build and an oversized seat which supports its maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. The bike is extremely adaptable with its adjustable seat, non-slip foot pedals, and moveable handlebars. This bike gives you an all-body workout with its eight different resistance levels by stimulating your upper and lower body muscles. 

Average Price: $344

8. Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike This bike is great for people who are looking for portability. Exerpeutic 400XL is the ultimate foldable recumbent bike. This bike is ideal for people who travel a lot or live in a small space, like apartments. The bike is very easy to assemble and extremely sturdy. This one has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. with adjustable seat and 8 different resistance levels. It also has an LCD display that shows all your stats, such as calories burned, distance traveled, and speed. 

Average Price: $200

9. Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike

Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike

If you have bad knees, then this is the perfect recumbent bike for you. Although it is on the pricey side, it is worth the money. The bike has a sturdy steel build, it requires no external power or battery, and has a wrap-around seat adjustment mechanism. This bike is not just long-lasting but also suitable for everyone and anyone. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. and has an extremely adjustable seat. It comes with 20 different resistance levels, helping you make numerous workout combinations as you desire. The bike also has a cooling fan system built-in to make sure you cool down during your workouts too. 

Average Price: $2,999

10. Horizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent Bike

Horizon Fitness Comfort R Recumbent Bike

Although all recumbent bikes help avoid back pains, Horizon Fitness Comfort R does that on another level. This bike focuses on comfort and has an oversized padded seat with lumbar support and self-balancing foot pedals. The seat is easily adjustable, and the bike comes with 12 workout programs. The LCD display shows all the important stats. However, the display does not have a backlight. The bike has a sturdy maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. 

Average Price: $999

11. Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus R616 is a power-packed recumbent bike. It comes with 29 pre-set workout programs. The bike has Bluetooth connectivity, a USB charging port, a media rack, and speakers. If you are someone who likes to immerse completely into their workout, then this is the best fit for you. This bike has two DualTrack blue backlit LCD displays with contact and telemetry enabled heart rate monitoring system. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. with 25 different resistance levels to workout with.  

Average Price: $750

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