Best Quarantine Workouts

The past year had been nothing less than crazy for all of us. Well, we are all stuck at home for so long, we tried everything to pass the time, but unfortunately eating was everyone’s go-to activity. With minimal physical activity and so much calorie surplus, many of us gained the notorious quarantine weight. But what better solution to quarantine weight than quarantine workouts?  Work out at home without any equipment and get the results you have been just wishing for but not working for.  


A good warm-up is crucial for a good workout. Most importantly, warming up before starting your workout reduces your chances of muscle injury. Warm-up is necessary for you to raise your body temperature, breathing, and heart rate before working out so you can get better results. Before covid struck, we all would have used a treadmill to warm up. But don’t worry, even without all the heavy equipment, you can do your perfect warm-up at home. 

1. Start with the jumping rope. Jumping is one of the greatest cardio exercises. It affects your entire body and elevates your breathing and heart rate steadily. Before starting, make sure that the rope you are using is the right size!

2. Running is also an excellent warm-up exercise. Even with the lockdown, you can go out and run in your neighborhood or a nearby park. Getting out and running will not only activate all your body muscles, but it will also refresh your mind with the change of environment. However, make sure to follow all the SOPs and avoid contact with anyone. 

3. Flexibility exercises are incredible for prepping your body for the workout you will be doing later. Start slow with some waist twists and overhead arm stretches. Throw in some squats as well; you can even try a 14-day squat challenge with some weights. Side bends will work on your waist and can help reduce the love handles too. To work on your arms, do some shoulder shrugs and arm circles in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Finish it off with some forward leg swings, neck rolls, and wrist circles. 

Strength & Endurance Exercises 

It is always preferred to start your workout routine with some strength and endurance workouts. Since this is an at-home workout plan, we would be making use of body weight. A good start would be to do 2-3 sets of paused squat jumps followed by push-ups and pull-ups. Also, try some inverted rows – the opposite of push-ups while holding onto a surface. Reverse lunges will help you strengthen your leg muscles. Sixty seconds of each chair dips and pike push-ups will improve your upper body strength. Top it off with some seated Russian twists and rotate your upper body without bending or leaning. 


If you have the chance to go running, open water swimming, cycling, hiking, or kayaking, make it your top cardio exercise. In case your locality has a strict lockdown, and you cannot leave home, don’t worry. Here are a few at-home cardio workouts that can help you burn fat and get back in shape:

  • Jump rope
  • Planks 
  • Step-ups 
  • Push-ups 
  • Burpees 
  • Squat jumps
  • Crunches 

Alternate between these seven exercises, don’t spend more than 3 minutes on each. This will work on your entire body. But you can do more of the ones that target your desired area. 

Cooling Down

After an intense session of working out, most of us just want to hit the shower or lay down for hours. Resist that urge. Stopping suddenly gives your muscles no time to adjust and leaves them sore, resulting in the infamous post-exercise cramps. Some extra minutes of light exercise can help you avoid that. Two of the best ways to cool down are either having a decelerating run or doing some relaxing stretches.  

  1. If you’re going for the running route, start with a brisk run. Slowly, decelerate until you find yourself walking. This is an excellent way to normalize your heart and breathing rate. 
  2. Stretches are another way of relaxing your body after a heavy workout. Upper body stretches, seated forward bend, knee-to-chest pose, and the child position are incredible at relaxing your upper body muscles. For your lower body, try standing quadriceps stretch, downward-facing dog, and somebody shakes.   

Some Workout Tips at Home

  • Make it a habit: Getting used to working out is not as hard as getting started. Once you have started working out, make sure you stick to it. Forming a routine and dedicating a certain time chunk of your day to working out will make all the difference. Creating a daily workout calendar will also help you be on top of your game. An accountability pal can also be fantastic at making sure you follow your routine!
  • Stop binge eating: Over the past year, we all formed the habit of binge eating while watching our favorite seasons or even when we were bored. This is the root cause of all your quarantine weight. Actively tell yourself to avoid binge eating unhealthy snacks. Try replacing it with healthy food, like green vegetables. Creating a calorie deficit is key to losing weight, so focus on your eating too!
  • Keep a record: Most of the time, we don’t see our progress in the mirror. And progress is what really motivates us. To have a realistic account of your progress, note down your body inches and weight at the start of your at-home workout plan, and then note down the changes each week. You will really start to see the difference more clearly when the numbers are in front of you!
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