Best Place to Buy a Kayak

By Michael Holding

Kayaking is a good way of staying in shape or just having a pleasant day in water on the weekends. Kayaks however are a sizeable investment and this hobby can get quite expensive if you haven’t prepared yourself for the expenses it incurs. Buying a kayak is perhaps the most important investment you’ll be making. And it’s a good idea to get a kayak from a place that offers competitive pricing and solid aftersales service.

There are a lot of vendors that will sell you third-party kayaks. But keep in mind that this only adds to the cost of the kayak, so you won’t be getting the best deal possible. The best option when looking to get a good deal is to search for the product online. Most kayak makers sell directly through online marketplaces and you’ll very likely get the kayak for the best price on the market. Online stores are also our recommendation. In this article we’ve listed the top 3 online stores to buy a kayak.

Three Recommended Places to Buy a Kayak

1. Amazon

The Amazon marketplace needs no introduction. The variety of products available on this platforms beggars belief. What’s more, most kayak companies have their own stores on the site, and are selling the kayaks to you directly. What that means is that they do not have to bear the cost of a brick-and-mortar business. Because of this, you’ll very possibly get the best price available. Amazon also has a very robust reviews system in place. So if you’re unsure whether you want to buy the kayak, simply scroll down and read what actual buyers have to say about them. Customer reviewers who have actually purchased the kayak through Amazon get a special “Verified Buyer” label with their name, so you can be sure the views expressed are authentic! Just make sure that you are buying the kayak directly from the company that makes it to make the process of any warranty claims that might occur easier.

2. Walmart

Walmart is a great place to shop online. Like Amazon, most of the kayak companies have their own stores on the site. During a quick comparison of various kayak models, we found that some of the models were listed for a lower price on Walmart. That will not always be the case, but it’s always a good idea to do a price comparison before finalizing a purchase. Walmart also has a reviewing system in place for customers. Buyers who bought the product from Walmart get a “Verified Purchase” badge to make sure the comments are coming from an actual user. Most of the products on Walmart are shipped by the company itself so all standard shipping policies will apply as well.

3. REI

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) is a great place to shop for outdoor gear and equipment. They have a large selection of quality gear to choose from at reasonable prices. The kayaks listed on the REI website are all mostly premium products judging from the prices. The company offers free shipping subject to some weight restrictions. If you’re looking for top of the range kayaks, REI is a great place to shop.

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