Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2020

Riding a motorcycle is all about having fun on two wheels. There are times when a solitary ride is just what you need to take a break from all the hectic socializing of routine life. But there’s definitely a case to be made for riding with friends, it’s just a lot of fun. Communicating with your biking buddies can be quite awkward if you’re relying on hand gestures or shouting through your visor. For smooth communication while riding, we recommend Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that will make your rides much more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets; the ones on the market that actually work.

Naturally, as with any product, there is a plethora of options available when it comes to these helmets, and you need to be really careful in selecting a helmet that has a high-quality Bluetooth system as well as a great helmet design in general. Selecting one of these based purely on Bluetooth capability is not recommended at all.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

1.      O’Neal Commander

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018

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The O’Neal Commander represents a great value in Bluetooth helmets thanks to its combination of a great Bluetooth system, excellent protection and great design. It is packed with features but has a very affordable price point, making it a great choice for beginner riders.

First, let’s take a look at this as a helmet purely. It has a removable and washable suede inner lining. The suede construction makes sure that it’s comfortable and feels great against your face. To make sure that there are no unpleasant odours on the inside of this helmet, we recommend washing the removable lining regularly. The visor of this helmet is of a very high quality, and is said to be anti-fog and anti-scratch. These are crucial features when it comes to the shield of your helmet. The anti-fog properties make sure that there’s no condensation build-up on the shield which can severely hamper visibility, which on a motorcycle is extremely dangerous. The anti-scratch is also useful since scratches on the shield can spread incoming light, which can again hamper visibility.

The built-in Bluetooth system operates on the Bluetooth 2.0 standard, and the module is actually rated for up to 10 hours of continuous talk time. This is quite impressive and fortunately, user reports indicate that this is indeed the case in practical use as well. The Bluetooth radio can also serve as a rider-to-rider intercom, given that the riders are within 118 feet of each other. The Bluetooth module can be controlled via the very well-designed and easy to reach buttons mounted on the left side of the helmet.

The helmet also features a pair of stereo speakers that have been reported by users as delivering excellent sound. The Bluetooth system of this helmet is intelligent enough to detect when a call is coming, and will disconnect the music while the user takes the call.

The O’Neal Commander weighs around 5.4 pounds, which can be categorized as being average weight for a helmet. It certainly not going to be causing any neck pains for the average rider. The helmet is available in 6 sizes, from extra small all the way to double extra-large. On the safety front, you can take complete comfort in the fact that it has both the DOT and ECE ratings.

Notable Features:

  • Affordable price point
  • Removable and washable suede inner lining
  • High quality helmet with anti-fog and anti-scratch shield
  • Built-in Bluetooth system operates on the Bluetooth 2.0 standard
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • 10-hours continuous talk time
  • Available in six different sizes
  • Weighs around 5.4 pounds

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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018

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The HJC CL-MAXBT II is a highly affordable Bluetooth helmet from one of the best helmet makers out there. The helmet is available in an assortment of different colors, so you can really have one that suits your fancy. When it comes to fit and protection, HJC’s CL line of helmets have already proven their worth. And with the accommodation for a Bluetooth system, we think this represents an excellent value.

Let’s start with the basics, and that would be the fit and protection that this helmet provides. HJC are known for making high quality helmets at very affordable price points, and this helmet is no exception. It has a polycarbonate construction which makes it incredibly light weight, yet also very strong against impacts. The helmet is available in 13 different sizes, which means you can find a fit that will suit your head perfectly. The face shield of a very high quality and provides 95% U.V. protection, which is very good for the health of your eyes.

The helmet features HJC’s ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System, which allows it to flush heat and humidity out of the helmet through the various vents located on the helmet. This is a very easy helmet to carry out maintenance tasks on as well. The face shield can be removed without the use of any tools through a single button.

As for the helmet’s support for Bluetooth systems, the HJC helmet comes with full side cavities to house Bluetooth speakers and an integrated recess for placement of the radio. This helmet weighs around 5.2 pounds, which is considered to be average for this class of helmets.

Notable Features:

  • Polycarbonate construction makes it incredibly light weight
  • Very strong against impacts
  • Provides 95% UV protection
  • Built-in Bluetooth system operates on the Bluetooth 2.0 standard
  • Possesses Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • High quality and easily removable face shield
  • Easy maintenance
  • Built-in bluetooth speakers
  • Available in 13 different sizes
  • Weighs around 5.2 pounds

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3.      Torc T14B Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018

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The Torc T14B Bluetooth helmet is a full-face helmet with a built-in radio. It is one of the more affordable options when it comes to helmets with integrated Bluetooth. It is available in a variety of exciting graphics and has a modern design.

Torc is very quick to point out the materials used in the T14B’s construction. According to the company, the T14B employs what’s known as dual-density EPS, which is apparently one of the most advanced EPS safety liner designs in the industry. The face shield of the helmet is also rated to be fully optically correct, something that uncommon in helmets of this price range. The helmet meets or exceeds DOT standards, so you don’t have to worry about the protection it offers for your head. It weighs around 6 pounds, which shouldn’t prove to be too heavy for the average rider.

Notable Features:

  • Affordable price point with built-in bluetooth system
  • Fully optically correct face shield
  • Dual density EPS safety liners
  • Available in variety of modern graphic designs
  • Weighs around 6 pounds

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4.      FreedConn BM-2 with Bluetooth Intercom

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

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The FreedConn BM-2 is one of the best Bluetooth helmets under the $200 price point. It features superior Bluetooth communication technology and has some great safety features. The company actually says that this helmet employs the most powerful Bluetooth system, with a 1640 feet intercom range, which is said to be twice the range of competitors. The BM-2 can also be used in a 3-way manner if you wish to communicate with two other friends. There’s also a built-in FM radio in the Bluetooth module, so you don’t have to be bored if there’s no one to talk to. The helmet supports the Bluetooth 3.0 standard, along with HSP, HFP and A2DP, which are all essential for a completely hassle-free Bluetooth experience if paired with your smartphone.

Apart from having the best Bluetooth system in business, the Freedcom BM-2 also features some pretty impressive safety technology. It uses advanced engineering technology and has a unibody design. It also has a DOT rating for your complete satisfaction. The shell is made out of ABS plastic, made through special plastic injection molding technology. This gives the helmet a good amount of rigidity and strength, which means it will perform admirably in the event of a crash. The helmet uses a high-density EPS cushion layer to ensure that environment noise doesn’t seep too much into the helmet. The design is said to be waterproof, with no nook and cranny that is able to leak water into the helmet. The inner liner is removable, and has a special material which fights against perspiration and odor. The helmet has a good amount of airflow so things don’t get steamy in there.

One of the more impressive aspects of this helmet is that it weighs just 4.05 pounds, which is extremely helmet of this class. This will place absolutely no burden on your head which means you can keep on riding without having to worry about comfort.

Notable Features:

  • Powerful Bluetooth system with a 1640 feet intercom range
  • Supports Bluetooth 3.0 standard
  • Advanced engineering technology
  • ABS plastic construction gives the helmet a good amount of rigidity and strength
  • Performs admirably in the event of a crash
  • Full duplex benefits
  • Waterproof design
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • Weighs around 4.05 pounds

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5.      TORC TB27

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2018

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This helmet offering by TORC is in a higher price bracket than what is usually expected from the company, mainly due to the advanced features that the company has incorporated into it. This is a helmet with a high-quality construction and integrated Bluetooth connectivity. You don’t have to worry about buying a separate Bluetooth intercom kit with this helmet, as it comes with its own system.

The TORC TB27 is a full face modular helmet. The modular aspect of this helmet makes it easier to just take the front lid off when you have to take a deep breath or speak to someone. The shell is made of robust and durable thermoplastic alloy which helps keep the weight of the helmet down while providing a good amount of protection against knocks. The shell is designed in such a way as to maximize impact absorption. The helmet has also been designed to be smaller than other helmets, which helps with the aerodynamics, weight and even aesthetics.

The face shield is again of a good quality and is scratch and fog resistant. It is also optically correct which leads to distortion-free viewing.

The inside of the helmet is lined with comfortable padding which, as far as we can tell, contains no pressure points. This makes it a good option for long rides. The helmet has a reasonably comfortable fit, and will sit stable on your head even during high speeds. The interior of the helmet is made of laser-cut technical fabric which has a special material which fights against perspiration and bacteria.

TORC have employed the use of Blinc Bluetooth technology for this helmet. Blinc is fast becoming a standard for integrated Bluetooth radios in the motorcycle helmet market. This makes it easier to communicate with other Blinc-equipped helmets to ensure there are no compatibility issues.

This helmet meets or exceeds the DOT and ECE safety ratings, so you can rest assured that it will perform well in the case of a crash. The chin strap of the helmet uses robust stainless steel locks to ensure that the helmet stays on your head even under strong forces.

Notable Features:

  • Higher price with advanced features
  • High-quality construction and integrated Bluetooth connectivity
  • Robust and durable thermoplastic alloy construction absorbs impacts
  • Scratch and fog resistant face shield.
  • Fully optically correct face shield
  • Reasonably comfortable fit and stable during high speeds
  • Employs Blinc Bluetooth technology
  • Chin strap of the helmet has robust stainless steel locks to ensure that the helmet stays on your head during an accident

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Factors for Choosing the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is a long-term investment. If you are a responsible rider, chances are that you don’t get into crashes that often. Because this is a long-term investment, you should always go for the highest quality helmet that you can afford. Let’s have a look at the things you should consider when going through a Bluetooth helmet review.


It is well known that electrical equipment and water aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. It is natural for the Bluetooth module in your helmet to misbehave, should it come in contact with water. To ensure that this does not happen, a Bluetooth helmet should absolutely be waterproof. Coming across a heavy downpour is only natural for any rider, and you have to be prepared for that. In fact, forget about rain, even the build-up of condensation (which is normal) in a helmet can cause the Bluetooth module to malfunction, so make sure that these parts of the helmet are waterproof.

Bluetooth Controls

A Bluetooth helmet is no good if you cannot control the functions in a seamless manner. And because riders are usually wearing gloves, this becomes an even more important aspect. There are some helmets out there that do not offer convenient access to Bluetooth functions, and as such should be avoided.

Bluetooth Quality

Make sure that the Bluetooth module in your helmet is compatible with all kinds of phones. Most helmets come with Bluetooth 2.0 or 3.0, which are both backwards and forwards compatible, meaning they can work with old phones as well. The range of the radio is also something to look out for if you’re planning to use the Bluetooth as an intercom. Look for helmets with a range of at least 500 feet for good practical usability.


A Bluetooth helmet is a great investment which will undoubtedly add value to your riding experience. You can take calls while riding with the press of a button, and even listen to your favorite tracks on a solo journey. The real fun comes when you’re riding with your friends, where you can communicate effortlessly between yourselves with high quality sound. Bluetooth helmets tend to be pricier than their conventional counterparts, which is obvious given the additional equipment they carry.

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